Perfect Soul Keeps It Pouring

There's no point in telling Jackson you just want a splash of anything. Jackson, owner-operator of Perfect Soul Whiskey in San Marcos, CA,  is a full pour kinda guy. As well he should be. His whiskey and rum are fittingly delicious. I got to try them on their own before Jackson channeled his best Tom Cruise in Cocktail.

 For his whiskey -aged anywhere from 3 weeks to three years in five-gallon barrels- Jackson made a deceptively simple iced coffee drink, just a pinch of sugar. McDonalds could learn a thing or two.

Jackson mixed the rum with brown sugar simple syrup, and generous squeezes of lime and orange. It was amazing, and I'm not even a citrus guy. Jackson told me he came up with this one on the spot for a local bar carrying the rum. This guy's got serious talent.

There's no pretentiousness when it comes to layout of the joint. It's purely function over aesthetics (though reason for the bathtub on a stage was lost on me).

The still was disassembled and no batches in production. Jackson told me there's only one down day per week.

On the positive, Perfect Soul's tasting hours are relaxed and social. It felt simply like a neighborhood gathering and in a way, it was. A friend from a business next-door stopped by; and another of Jackson's buddies from way back, when both of them worked nightclub security, played with his little girl.  A woman on crutches complimented my Poison shirt and told me about her kid's recent school trip to DC. Perfect cap to my day in San Marcos.


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