How am I not supposed to get addicted to Edwards Ridge Coffee Flavored Rum?

I could go on and on about the graciousness of my hosts at Edwards Ridge Distillery in San Antonio, husband and wife owners, Luis and Christy. I mean, they run over from their day jobs just to open the place up for me, when I call at 5:30pm on a Monday.

The tasting room is cozy and nicely, though sparsely, designed. It looks like the kind of place I'd like to hang out at after work (plenty of room for a pool table, guys). Suddenly, I don't feel so bad about summoning Luis and Christy. They even have movie nights here on Wednesdays.

The spirits currently available -three rums and an amaretto- come from the same sugar and molasses mash, and are strangely made in a moonshine pot still (from Hillbilly Stills in Kentucky). I'm told bourbon is on its way. It's currently aging.

The unaged and aged rum are pretty good, and the amaretto too hazelnutty for me to appreciate. But I simply fall in love with Edwards Ridge coffee-flavored rum. It is the unaged rum, at only 35 proof, that has cold-brewed coffee, vanilla extract and sugar steeped in it for thirty days. The result is a smooth and enjoyable spirit, with not only that delicious coffee flavor, but hints of the sugar and vanilla along with it.

My favorite flavors are strong ones: smoke, coffee, wood and hot pepper. This flavored rum isn't so much as a punch-in-the-face type of wakeup, but more like a gentle aroma to rouse you out of bed. I could easily see myself drinking a cup or three of this stuff before starting my day. It might be for the best, then, that the flavored rum, like the amaretto, isn't yet available in stores.

Lovers of rum and coffee will have to stop by the tasting room to get their fix, for now. Just be sure to give Luis and Christy a proper heads up first.


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